What is the best email marketing platform?

Finding the right email marketing platform can feel overwhelming, and the platform you need will change depending on your specific situation. 

Using this free guide, you will quickly understand which email marketing platform is best for you. You will receive side by side comparisons of pricing, features, and integrations for every platform we cover.

What's Inside

Everything you need to choose the perfect tool for your team including: 

  • Email Marketing Platforms Broken Down by Category:
    • Curatorial Email Platforms
    • Drag and Drop Email Platforms
    • Email Platforms Specializing in E-Commerce
    • Developer-Friendly Email Platforms
  • Pricing & Feature Comparison Table

  • Integration Comparison Table

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Great guide for startups. This is the perfect way to quickly find the best email tool for your company!


Digital Marketing, Kickfire

The guide is easy on the eyes, simple and informative! I learned a lot.


Founder, Brushbox.io

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